London and The Surrey Hills


A few weeks ago, I was all booked and ready to head to London on a business trip when the meeting was cancelled.  I had booked non-refundable tickets and had quite a few spare days holiday and so decided to take both my camera and the opportunity to travel.

I spent my first day walking around London and being a tourist for a day rather than a head-down business type.  I then set off to Woking to catch up with a really good friend.  It was a great evening, bringing him up to speed with what had been going on in my world and then taking advantage of his patience and experience.  He really is a great guy, full of experience and an uncanny ability to let me talk away for hours and then pick up on what I need to focus on, what I need to forget about and how to better myself.  It’s like he takes my words, catches them and reflects them all back to me with insightful words and searching questions.

He took me for a drive the next day, into Surrey and the stockbroker belt.  Some of the pictures below are from Leith Hill, where you can see the English Channel, London Skyline, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports all from the same place.

It really is a stunning part of the world and it was a great chance to see a part of the country that I haven’t really explored before.



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