Welcome to our blog.

IMG_7864.JPGThank you for stopping by, and welcome to our blog.  Although we are a couple that intend to blog about our travels, our dream holidays that we will probably never have and our general adventures, the chances are that it will be me (Itchy Feet) that will do the majority of the posting and she (Titchy Feet) that does the proof reading and censoring.

In other words, if you enjoy the blog, that’s all down to me (Itchy).  If you spot any typos, then that’s all her fault!

Why are we doing this?  Part of it is to document the things that we have done and share our adventures.  Hopefully, not in a way that is deemed to be showing off as I very much doubt that our adventures will be in the sort of locations, hotels, restaurants or bars that would be classed as ‘show-ey’!  My hope is that someone that is looking to travel to places that we have been might take something from our experience and make their trips a little better.  With that in mind, if you have any questions about any of the blog posts, please just let us know and we will try to get back to you.

The other reason that we are doing this is to make sure that we get ourselves organised enough to have the proposed adventures that we can blog about.  Sometimes life gets too comfortable and a sofa and box set seem like the best option. I want to challenge myself to have adventures and go through with the plans that I have in my head.  I want to get my ideas down in a blog and make it happen, do rather than talk.

I hope that makes sense and I really hope that you enjoy the blog. If it isn’t your cup of tea, there is plenty more internet for you to explore!  Otherwise, we will be happy to share a virtual cup of tea and have a chat so come in and put your feet up!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog.

  1. Thank your your comment and question and thank you for your kind comments. I am not sure that there is anyone less technically able to help you with your question then the pair of us! Sorry


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