Hey viva Espana!

Very exciting news, both Titchy and Itchy feet have time off work and kid free time and so we have a long weekend in Barcelona to look forward to next week.

I have been before but I was about 12 years old and remember very little about it other than sitting in a police station as we had our suitcases stolen. My brother was there about 10 years ago and had his wallet nicked out of his pocket on their Metro system.  I might take a cape and wear my underpants on the outside, or dress like a killer clown, just to be on the safe side.

Titchy feet is a fan of preparation and planning which is great news as Itchy Feet would not think about what to do until it was time to set off to the airport.  Hotel is booked, flights booked, guide book has been bought.  We need to sort out a few Euros and insurance then we are ready to rock!

Does anyone have any suggestions of what we should see, where we should eat and what we can’t miss?

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