“It’s a prison for animals I guess”….a lazy day in Antwerp

Wide awake and fully refreshed we wandered around looking for somewhere nice to tackle breakfast.  Last night we had come out of the hotel and turned right, so this morning we tried left. We thought we were walking past a prison as there were very high, plain walls with lots of security fencing and cameras.  It wasn’t until we came to the next left that we realised we were actually skirting around the perimeter of the zoo.  As my daughter said, “It’s a prison for animals I guess”.

We picked up breakfast and went back to the station to take another look at it in the daylight and it was no less stunning.

We had a lazy morning ahead of a meet up with the friend  I had worked with and had tried to help us with finding a hotel.  We met up with his family in a park outside of the centre of town.

This is the spot, Melkerij Nachtegalenpark.

Just look at it, isn’t it amazing?

It was the sort of place that we would never have found without being with a local and it was lovely. We sat out on the terrace and ate like kings and chatted away.  Despite living in different countries, with different languages, we had kids of the same ages and very little was different between us.  It was a wonderful way to while away a Sunday afternoon.

We said our goodbyes and then got back in the car as it was time for manoeuvres  again.  We headed to the next Air BnB in Ghent. 

 It wasn’t a long drive and we arrived in a very quiet suburban street just outside of the city.  As the family unpacked and got comfortable, I headed out for supplies and to find out where we were.  

Being a Sunday night, there was nowhere open locally to eat and, as we had had a big old lunch, we decided to head for a supermarket and have a ‘picky tea’ in the house.  I think we ended up with five totally different meals and we ate away while playing Uno and getting steadily more pissed.

We were so pissed in fact that we agreed to watch some of the kids favourite YouTubers. I spent the rest of the night wishing I was both blind and deaf as the Sidemen took over the entertainment mantle.

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