Annus Horribilis

There isn’t really too much to write about on a travel blog in 2020, the old ‘Rona has pretty much put paid to that. As the Queen said many years ago now, it really has been an Annus Horribilis.

As I walked along the sea front back in April, in the first and hardest lockdown, I sotted a piece of graffiti that summed it all up for me. It stated ‘lets not get back to normal, normal wasn’t that great anyway’.

As lockdown crept from month to month and the nights got darker, this has constantly been in my mind. This is, hopefully, a once in a lifetime scenario and I really hope that when we come through its and we will, that we remember what we have been through and make each others lives a little better.

Maybe we will all appreciate what we had a little more, the freedoms to see who we want when we want. To go where we want whenever we like and travel freely to the places that we miss so much. Maybe having a lockdown will, eventually, make us appreciate the freedoms that we had and enjoyed and took for granted.

I cant wait to get back on the road and visit new places and the old ones that I have loved so much. I yearn for a road trip to Europe, a continental coffee in a town square with things being just ever so slightly different but, essentially, exactly the same but with a different language and culture slightly adding a frisson of excitement. Road signs being so similar that you know what they mean, but just being a little bit…..well, different.

I cant wait to start thinking about holidays again, but we wont be rising into it until it’s very safe and, of course, very legal to do so. I have promised Titchy a trip to Berlin as soon as we can for a city break, it is somewhere she has always wanted to go and that I have enjoyed every time I have been.

I hope it’s soon.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions for Berlin, it would be great to share them with us so that we can start to plan and get excited!

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