Blue Monday

I have seen a load of posts today about it being Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year apparently. The nights are dark, the days are cold, New Year resolutions have been broken and it feels like a long way to go before pay day, for many a 6 week lag since the past one.

I’ve also read a few reports saying that the guy that first came up with the concept, psychologist Cliff Arnall, was full of guff and there is no science behind it.

None the less, it got me thinking about what makes me happy. When I’m tired, fed up and need a pick up, where does my head go? Two place immediately come to mind.

The first was early 2019 when we were in Adelaide and took a day trip to Glenelg. It was a brilliant day for me, full of laughs, smiles, love and happiness. The place was lovely and, like everywhere in Australia that we went, the people were wonderful too.

To be able to spend time with my kids stood on the end of the pier, hugging each other and watching the sun drop down below the horizon was special, I will never forget it.

Watching the sunset from Glenelg Pier

The second place I thought of was Lake Forggensee. I was desperate to just get away, I needed to be alone and wanted an adventure and so set off for Europe with a tent and a tank full of diesel and very few plans. I just wanted to spread my wings and see where I ended up.

I drove through Germany and into through the Alps into Baveria. I wanted to stop for lunch and decided to pull off the road and eat my picnic with a view. There was no planning, no preparation, I totally fluked it.

 Lake Forggensee

I think it was Forrest Gump that said ‘I couldn’t tell when heaven stopped and the Earth began’ and I couldn’t put it any better myself. I spent an hour just taking it all in and every time I thought I had seen enough I spotted something else more beautiful.

That is the beauty of travel. It isn’t disposable, you don’t experience it and then thats it, done. It can live forever, inspire you for years to do more, and go further. If you ever bump into me and I seem distant, then this is probably where I am. I hope that you find your happy place in 2020 too.

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