What’s next?

Now that the nights are dark and cold and temperatures have dropped to the point where hats and scarves are required, the mind starts to wander towards holidays and getting away.

I have to admit, seeing Christmas decorations and TV adverts in mid November is also adding to my desire to get away too!

I have a number of trips planned:

  1. A trip to Preston coming up to see Jon Richardson, that should be fun.
  2. A trip to York to catch up with Titchy Feet’s family from Australia.  That will get me thinking about warmer climes too!
  3. I have committed to running a half marathon in Las Vegas next November, a place I have never been to and somewhere that I never really had any desire to go to but, now that I am pencilled in, I am quite looking forward to the idea.

For the family holiday next year my thoughts are jumping between:

  1. I promised Titchy Feet that I would take her to New York one day.  The pressure is on on this one as my daughter’s friend was taken to New York by her family and absolutely loved it.  She bumped into the filming for one or my daughters favourite TV shows, Impractical Jokers, and so the pressure really is on to beat that!
  2. I have always fancied going to Italy for a holiday.  I know that I didn’t really enjoy my time there when I did my grand tour, but I think I just picked the wrong ,industrial areas to drive through.
  3. As I work with a lot of people from Costa Rica, I have a load of options to stay there and the diving  would be great for my daughter who recently passed her PADI tests.
  4. A Greek island trip as it may be great value and it I bloody love gyros.

What do you think?  Any recommendations?

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